Applied Graphene Materials PLC expects more product launches as awareness

It is pleasing that our graphene dispersions are driving the performance of composite materials

Chief executive, Adrian Potts.

  • Technology firm that works with partners on the production of high specification graphene

  • Its expertise is in dispersion and product integration to enable solutions for a wide range of applications

  • Graphene is a disruptive technology with the potential to replace or enhance the performance of existing materials 


What Applied Graphene does

The company’s products include graphene nanoplatelets, thin stacks of graphene used to enhance the properties of certain materials, its Genable dispersion technology used for coating or painting graphene onto surfaces, and multiple pre-dispersed forms of graphene for use by various industries.

Graphene has multiple properties that make it useful to industry, including protecting materials against atmospheric, marine or chemical elements as well as improving thermal of electrical conductivity.

How it’s doing

 () revenues already exceeded the previous year by 20% by March.

Several products were launched in 2019 using its graphene dispersion technology including an anti-rust paint primer in collaboration with JBL that Halfords PLC (LON:HFDS) started to stock in October.

Alltimes Coatings’ roofing coating system using graphene was introduced in August, while Blocksil launched a harsh environment anti-corrosion product in January.

Revenues rose to £35,000 in the half-year to January and are up to £60,000 for the year-to-date.

The group’s interim loss fell to £2.28mln from £2.37mln, while the company had cash of £4.3mln at the period-end, which it says is sufficient to carry it through to the fourth quarter of 2021.

What the boss says: Adrian Potts, chief executive

“Our progress continues to be underpinned by AGM’s industry-leading know-how in graphene dispersion and application.

“We are building an ever-increasing bank of supporting data that will help us accelerate customer application and testing, while the standardisation of a number of our graphene products will also make our material more acceptable to a broader customer base.”

Latest video

Inflexion points

  • Company relatively unaffected by coronavirus disruption
  • Cash runway until the fourth quarter of 2021
  • Products using graphene now appearing in growing numbers 

Blue sky

AGM’s chief executive Adrian Potts says there is lots of activity underway in the young industry.

He is in no doubt graphene is the “wonder material” that it has been dubbed ever since it was first discovered by researchers in one of the University of Manchester’s labs back in 2004.

The list of potential applications is seemingly endless: it could be used in planes to make them lighter and improve fuel efficiency or mixed with paint to prevent rust, while Head has already designed a graphene-enhanced tennis…

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