Coinbase partner ClearBank posts first full-year of profit

Charles McManus, CEO of ClearBank, speaks at the Innovate Finance Global Summit in April 2023.

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ClearBank, a British financial technology firm powering payments for the likes of Coinbase, scored its first full year of profit after higher interest rates helped drive a 91% jump in revenues.

The firm swung to an £18.4 million ($23.3 million) pre-tax profit in the year ending Dec. 31, 2023, according to financial statements released Thursday. That’s up from a £7.1 million loss in 2022.

The bank first reached profitability on a monthly basis in November 2022. This is the first time it has reported profitability on an annual basis.

ClearBank’s first profit comes on the back of a near doubling of its total income. ClearBank saw overall revenue jump 91% year over year in 2023 to £111.3 million.

The firm benefited heavily from high interest rates, which have driven a spike in deposits as consumers and businesses look to gain more bang for their buck by storing cash in interest-bearing accounts.

Tide, one of ClearBank’s major customers in the U.K., has been offering a 4.33% interest rate for its business customers, with advertising across buses and London Underground trains promoting the punchy offer.

Charles McManus, ClearBank’s CEO, told CNBC that the firm was a clear beneficiary of higher rates — but was quick to stress ClearBank isn’t reliant on interest income and that transaction revenue has been growing healthily as well.

There was “no single driver” of ClearBank’s positive performance in 2023, McManus said, adding ClearBank benefited from a number of things, such as its clearing business for authorized electronic money firms and growth in the use of bank-to-bank payment services amid higher credit card fees.

“We’ve built the bank and the business model over a number of years,” McManus told CNBC in an interview. “You’re seeing flavors of it across our business lines.”

Higher deposits

However, it’s hard to avoid the fact that higher deposits were a key driver of ClearBank’s performance for the year. The firm says net interest income grew by 142% to £81.9 million, as deposits reached £6.1 billion.

There was a significant influx of deposits after SVB's collapse, says ClearBank

One key driver of deposit growth for ClearBank last year was the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, a key bank used by fintech startups and venture capitalists. The U.K. ring-fenced division of Silicon Valley Bank, HSBC UK Bank, was bought by British banking giant HSBC for £1 and renamed HSBC Innovation Banking.

This drove a rise in deposits for ClearBank, as customers of SVB fled for alternatives.

“The market [has been] under stress in relation to credit, and banks are going bust, whether it’s Europe, the U.S., or concerns in the U.K. And because of the business model in relation to cash, it being a safe haven,” McManus said.

“Rather than just be a safe haven that cash is collateral for the pain schemes,” McManus added. “The more payments we do, the more cash that we actually need to hold as collateral for our clients for…

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